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Introducing: Jit Patel

Jit Patel

Based in Leeds, Jit has over 29 years’ experience in Banking, Stock Brokering and Legal and father to 5 boys (Triplets). 

As a banker he manages £80 billion worth of contracts with significant Global Wealth Management firms. 

In over 2 years Jit has quickly grown his portfolio to 4 BTLs, a 13 unit Development project and numerous Deals packaged for investors and has his own SSAS Pension Fund and freed himself from working another 15 years employment in order to pay off his mortgage, since embarking on various training programmes with Progressive Property. 

Jit has raised over £650k in finance and built up a vast network of investors globally and shares his own experiences and learnings for anyone else looking to transition from investing in yourself through training, juggling employment, delivering on your dreams and setting up different businesses around a busy family life. 

In his talk Jit will speak about raising finance for property developments and transitioning from training courses to practical application in sourcing, packaging and developments. He will also be sharing the 13 unit school house development case study.

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