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Introducing: Jamie Hayter

I have been a property investor, landlord, and property owner for over a decade and currently run a letting agency JHPS to manage my own properties and for a few a carefully chosen landlords who share my desire to supply the market with high end top quality accommodation. I specialise in HMO student properties but have experience across the board with all types of property and all types of tenants.

Before the property world seduced me I worked in branch and regional management in retail, for the Signet Group. That experience taught me a great deal about systems and processes, logistics and sales, and building and managing teams, but after more than twenty years, it was time for a change and a chance to see where drive and ambition could take me working for myself rather than feeding the corporate machine!

I have experienced first hand all the ups and downs of the property world, from changes in legislation and regulation to dips and surges in the market, from the excitement and anticipation of purchasing and renovating properties, to dealing with building and maintenance contractors, and of course the trials and tribulations, and occasional nice surprises, that come from tenants. Like many of us, I have both made mistakes and had many successes and above all I hope to keep learning, and adapting and improving my own business practices.

I believe in making a contribution to society and have helped out in many ways including being a Magistrate for 8 years and a member of the Lord Chancellors Advisory Committee for 3 years. The training and learning for these duties was immense and so beneficial to my personal development, life and world.

Setting up the PPN, a forum for people interested and active in the property world, is a new venture for me. When I started my business, I often wished there were other people with whom I could talk, bounce off new ideas, share problems, and solutions and while I’ve found and made many great contacts and friends along the way it was always by good luck rather than by design. And while I might be older, and wiser, and a little greyer of hair, I still have much to learn.

I hope that our meetings will become a regular date in your diary, not just as an opportunity for sharing experiences and advice, but also as a networking and sociable occasion.

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