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Introducing: Ian Morton

Ian Morton

Ian is a successful property developer that specialises in Commercial Conversions and has over 40 years’ experience in the industry.  He has completed over 500 conversions which include many unusual and interesting buildings.

Ian originally trained as a commercial interior designer and project manager.  He created a design and build strategy and built his own portfolio, which is now worth £7.4 Million. His work primarily involves heritage buildings. 

Over the years he’s converted Schools, Churches and Offices into Luxury Developments.  These buildings have been developed and managed into different trading models: AST, S.A and Boutique Hotels for passive income.  He sells some completed developments for cash income.   Ian has successfully attracted J.V. finance and business partners – the latest being a J.V. with a successful property manager with 380 existing single lets. They now run a management company called, “The Collection”.

These luxury properties are contemporary apartments set in heritage buildings.  Ian is building a network of up-market S.A, holiday lets, boutique hotels and attracting other investors and S.A operators into the business. Ian hopes to help others on the property journey by mentoring, training and forming Joint Ventures with other liked-minded people that builds on his success.  He brings out of the box thinking and a vast experience of problem solving which creates real wealth for all involved.

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