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Introducing : Harvey of "Harvey Growth Properties"

Harvey of "Harvey Growth Properties"

My name is Harvey, and I’ve been a property investor for around 10 years now. Although I started investing in my local area, limited resources led me to look for investment opportunities elsewhere in the country – and thank god for that, as thanks to this I’ve been able to become an asset millionaire remote property investing, and I have the luxury of being able to run this business from my phone. Whether it’s from the comfort of my own sofa or from the beach on one of my travels, so long as I have a Wi-Fi connection, I’m good to go. 

As well as building up my own property portfolio, my property journey has involved building portfolios for investors hands free, setting up a letting agency, which manages all of my own portfolio. I have a great team and the business is a turnkey business - meaning it runs on autopilot without me! This has let me focus my energy on running virtual and in person training and masterminds teaching others my methodology on how to invest remotely and run your property business from anywhere. This has been a hugely rewarding part of my journey! I love seeing the changes this brings to people’s lives, freeing up their time to truly live. 

When I’m not running my business or traveling, I’m either spending time with my beautiful wife and son or working on my personal and professional development. I take my learning seriously and go through multiple books and training courses a month! 

I make sure to take monthly breaks, often abroad, and sometimes to the spa around the corner. However, as fun and energizing as this is, what I love the most about my lifestyle is being able to take every Monday off to spend with my two year old son, taking him to play school three days a week, and our father-son time on Saturdays whilst my wife is playing hockey… I live on my own terms.

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