Introducing : Gillie Barlow

Gillie Barlow

Gillie Barlow, author of Understand Your Truth to Find Success, has always had a passion to build people up, to see them flourish and to help them understand what ‘happy’ and ’success’ mean. She has forever had a love for property but even more for people. In 2023/4 Gillie is due to publish 2 further books ‘A Letter to His Boys Behind Bars’, and ‘Chobe House’.

In 1996 Gillie won the Childline award for Great Britain and in 2011 she won a year long property Mastermind program. Having done 7 years volunteering in prisons, Gillie set up an organisation to help house vulnerable people. Her book ‘A Letter To His Boys Behind Bars’ is a collection of letters she wrote during that time.

She now coaches, mentors and speaks travelling the country inspiring people with her journey and teaching various property investment strategies. She is known as the Queen of options and teaches creative strategies, some of which most have not even heard of. She has pioneered several programs including a mastermind course for young adults and is passionate about helping the younger generation create early in their lives and to understand now what she only learnt in the last 2 decades.

In 2020 Gillie won the WWA business woman of the year award for Europe. She currently lives in Oxfordshire England.

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