Introducing : Fiona Guthrie

Fiona had a career in scientific quality control and then in research before moving into Health and Safety gaining NEBOSH certification and a qualification in Health and Safety in Construction.

After a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, her working life changed and at that time she was unaware of the signals she was getting that were trying to tell her that she should work for herself instead of working for other people. During this time, she learned numerous healing methods which she has used on herself. Fiona learned a lot about mindset and how to work with emotions to help people to heal themselves. 

Fiona became an accidental landlord and found Progressive to find out more about how to invest in property properly from professionals. Things have moved on a lot from when she bought her first flat in 1982 for £14600, with a deposit of £600 and a mortgage of £14,000.

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