Introducing : Fares Hatoum

I was born in Syria and made the life-changing move to the UK at the age of 18 in August 2002. My journey in the UK has been filled with educational accomplishments and a profound career shift.

During my time in London, I dedicated myself to learning English at an A-level standard, a pivotal step in my journey to becoming proficient in this new environment. My passion for education continued to flourish as I pursued my first university degree at ARU Cambridge. Subsequently, I embarked on another academic adventure, obtaining a second degree from Bradford University.

In 2017, on Valentine's Day, I received a precious gift in the form of my beautiful daughter. This life-changing moment inspired me to take a leap of faith and become my own boss. I delved into property investment and ventured into establishing my own business.

August 2017 saw me attend an event at Progressive Property, a transformative experience that set the stage for what was to come. I embarked on Serviced Accommodation training in September 2017, and just a month later, I became the proud owner of my first business.

The pandemic served as a wake-up call, urging me to invest in self-improvement and personal growth. I eagerly enrolled in various courses offered by Tony Robbins and Progressive Property. Additionally, I became a part of several mastermind training groups. This period of personal development has been pivotal in my journey.

I began with several single lets and quickly turned my hand to build a large Serviced Accommodation and Rent to Serviced Accommodation portfolio. Today, I now invest in multiple strategies including Commercial Conversions. The world of property investment has become a thriving aspect of my career.

In my quest to expand my network and contribute to the property industry, I have taken on leadership roles in multiple networking events, where I continue to foster connections and share my knowledge and expertise.

My journey is a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and the pursuit of personal and professional growth. I am excited for the future, knowing that my passion for property investment and networking will continue to drive me forward.

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