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Introducing: Emerald Fisk

Emerald Fisk

Emerald Fisk is a Portfolio Landlord and Mortgage Advisor, and specialises in the buy, refurbish and refinance strategy. 

She has built a tidy portfolio using only investor finance. That’s well over £1.5 million raised (and invested) in 4 short years.  This portfolio is in 3 locations in the UK (Liverpool, South Wales and Gloucester), although she now solely focuses on the 2 southern locations. Emerald’s portfolio mainly consists of 2 bed terraced houses, but she also owns some semi commercial buildings and an HMO. 

In Emerald’s early days she was a shiny penny chaser and has tried every awesome high cash flowing strategy there is, including rent to rent, SA and sourcing, however she has found her passion within financial services and she absolutely loves working day to day as a mortgage advisor; although most the time she feels more like a property consultant as she can’t help but delve deeper into her clients property businesses to make sure she can offer the best advice and products possible. 

This is not one to be missed.

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