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Introducing: Dez Mighty

Dez Mighty has been a full time property investor since 2008, focused primarily, on buying ,selling and  refurbishing rundown properties in London. He is a passionate and consumate sales professional who has been successful at what ever he chooses to do.

Prior to  propertyDez was a  global sales and marketing manager with accounts which included Barclays, Lehman Brothers, Bloomberg and GE. In his  last career role he worked for international  Telecom giant KPNQwest as a business development manager focused on dark fibre,  global hosting and colocation which  ended in 2001 when he decided after several years that there had to be more to life and asked for voluntary redundancy when his job role had been  changed  and walked away from a job that gave him a salary of £120K to follow his passion for photography.

Dez had a young family and worked out that his redundancy money would give him a year in the same lifestyle and embarked on a career as freelance photographer/filmmaker.

Within 3 months he had clients such as, OK magazine, Hello ,Harpers and Queen , GOSH the BBC, Barbados Tourism and many other creative agencies and corporates, he gained  a CAA approved drone pilots licence and created several property lifestyle films for agencies in the Caribbean with images being seen and purchased all over the world Dez felt that in taking pictures, creating film and travelling the planet that he had found his nirvana.

In 2003 he  was asked to create a series of images for a developer who introduced him to the world of property. Within two years Dez and is partner purchased 24 properties in London and his property adventure began.

With a sizeable portfolio Dez couldn’t believe his luck as the property market went from strength to strength and didn’t see the ill winds blowing his way, life was now about long holidays, first class flights, big cars and an expensive lifestyle. A mortgage lender named Mortgage Express had given him a 3 million pound facility  to buy property this was  increased to 5 million Dez Mighty had ignored all the signs and was caught out when suddenly the whole property bubble burst.

Life got tough quickly, difficult choices had to made which included that expensive lifrestyle and Dez had to educate himself quickly in order to survive as he had expanded far too quickly, after a selling a few properties and surviving the storm. Dez Mighty, now wiser calmer and far more humble  settled into life as a buy refurb and flip or buy and hold landlord which provided him with a comfortable lifestyle. At the same time helping friends and family develop portfolios and create passive income.

Being a landlord was a pretty lonely life, every mistake was his and many of his triumphs were kept to himself as many people didn’t understand why he always had a huge smile on his face and  could go on holidays for up to four months at a time and how on the surface his life looked so easy.

In 2017 he was introduced to Progressive Property in awe of what Rob and Mark had created  he realised that despite his years in property there was still a lot he didn’t know, so he signed up to be a Progressive VIP and got introduced to the world of networking commercial property and Lease Options.

Dez Mighty has one quote he lives by: “Feel the fear and do it anyway”.

Dez will be the host for PPN croydon

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