Introducing : Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper

Originally from Southeast London, Dan decided to take the move up north in 2017 after he met his now wife Olivia when traveling Australia. When he was in the north, he realised the value in northern properties and decided to set up a property sourcing company. 

Since then, in 2019, Dan has worked in various roles in sales and Commercial, all whilst building a property portfolio and property sourcing. In 2021,Dan went full time in property and has been running a property, lettings and management company alongside his sourcing business, which he has now joined with his business partner, Jocelyn Kings and trades under the name of These4Walls Property. 

He has sourced around £5 million worth of property as well as project managed several refurbishments, including his own and for investors. 

Dan works with UK and international investors and focuses primarily on buy-to lets and apartment blocks. When Dan finds some time in his busy schedule, he also has a podcast called A Hull load-of-property business mindset, which focuses on providing value to people within all stages of their property or business journey.

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