Introducing : Corinna Stringer

Corinna Stringer

Currently working on her passion educating Coaches, Consultants to reconnect and re-align with their business within a safe and supportive environment.

She helps Coaches and Consultants to have more Clarity in their business, increase their Confidence to show up and be seen as the go to expert and generate more Cash Flow.

Corinna resides in Essex as an entrepreneur, Business Alignment Coach, Multi Award Winning International Speaker, Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Emotional Change Therapist, Investor and Author of the #1 Best Seller “Wings of Destiny” (How learning to let go can lease your inner power and be the key to your success) After experiencing challenges in her own life and businesses, she soon released that many other established business owners and start-up business owners were experiencing similar problems... Learning how to FORGIVE the past to BUILD their future and have the Clarity & Confidence in themselves to GROW.

Overwhelm, imposter syndrome, not sleeping or eating well, stress, money worries, whom to trust, relationship breakdowns and so on can be hard and really impact our self-belief... The one thing that kept her going was remembering her WHY and never letting go of her passion to help others.

After breaking through her own challenges and facing some life changing experiences, she realised the power of her own mind and by implementing strategies, she learned, adjusted, and adapted in how to deal with her emotions in a more powerful way, setting the foundations for her success.

Now she helps others how to reconnect with their inner power, removing blocks which are holding them back in their business and in life, supporting and educating them so they can continue to achieve greatness even during challenging times.

Prior to starting her coaching and speaking journey she was working in travel for 20 years including 8 years as air cabin crew. Corinna would love to serve you and believes that in both business and in life, we all have the ability to “Believe in our wings and fly!”

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