Introducing : Claire Saunders

Claire Saunders

- Cashflow Leasing was born from experience in finance, property investing and good old-fashioned customer service. They provide creative finance solutions through asset leasing.

- Asset Leasing is a way to acquire items you need for your business, without using your capital. Enabling you to use your monthly cash flow to pay for the items over an agreed term, whilst being tax-efficient. For example, furniture for your HMO, or SA, (whether owned or on a rent to rent) also larger commercial projects and even some refurbs.

- Did you know you can lease from a combined project minimum spend of £2000. There is no ceiling on the value providing the deal and business can support it. Cashflow leasing have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds in finance, and they are proud to have a large number of returning clients. Using their property knowledge and business acumen, they have been able to create and mould unique financial solutions, which support new start businesses as well as established ones. Their close relationships with our lending panel has secured deals other brokers have failed or struggled to place.

- Financing doesn't have to be difficult, or expensive, leveraging our knowledge and experience in this market, Cashflow Leasing could help you reach your financial goals just that little bit sooner.

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