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Introducing: Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is an International speaker and authority in all things Social Selling, Content Marketing and Organic Lead Generation. 

With an online network of over 150,000 contacts (including 40k followers on Instagram), Chris specialises in helping people generate leads through his groups Social Selling methodology. He has helped his clients generate over 1.2 million leads through his Social Selling campaigns, and as Chief Content Officer & Co-Founder of the Pipeline 44 Group, he inspires Business Owners, Consultants, Coaches and Entrepreneurs to generate a consistent flow of leads without spending a penny on advertising. 

Well known for the impact his clients see within weeks, his practical, easy to implement lead generation processes make a real difference to the businesses he works with.

Chris raised over £1.6m in joint venture finance using the powers of social media and inside this workshop he’ll be sharing exactly how he did it. If generating investor leads is a problem in your business, if building a brand is a problem in your business, if building credibility around what you do is a problem in your business then this workshop is exactly what you need to attend. 

You only need to check Chris’ YouTube channel, LinkedIn profile or Instagram to understand how practical his talks are. He leaves no stone unturned and has built his brand by spilling the secrets that you’d normally have to pay thousands to learn.

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