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Introducing: Andrew Budden

Andrew is both delighted and excited that he has agreed to co-host the new Progressive Property Network (PPN) in Liverpool and he’s looking forward to all the challenges that hosting the event may bring. Andrew is married with two children, and qualified as a management accountant in May 1993. Andrew’s main focus is to continue to expand his buy-to-let portfolio, refurbishments new build developments.

Andrew is a full-time property investor, and also has a bookkeeping and accountancy business, specialising in setting up systems with new companies, primarily within the property and construction sectors.

Prior to this Andrew spent 25 Years in the corporate arena, 14 of those years as a Financial Director, with 10 of those final years in the House Building and construction industry. Andrew has a passion for residential property and in 2010 he bought his first new build development, which was rented out until selling it in 2017. In 2011 he started to build his buy-to-let (BTL) portfolio and has continued to add to the portfolio since then, even doing a couple of Buy Refurbishment and Rent (BRR), as well as a few Buy Refurbishment and Sell (FLIPS). He is starting on a new build development site and is looking to start a couple of further developments in 2019.

Property investment can be a lonely experience, it is slow and is very hard work doing it all by yourself. It was only when his daughter persuaded him to attend a Progressive Property event that things started to change. He met Alison McIntyre, his now JV partner and co-host, who showed him how powerful networking can be. He joined VIP in November 2017 which kick started the way he deals with property. The VIP and Progressive community gave him the sense of community, mentorship and kept him accountable when he needed it, and has spurred him on to grow and scale his property business.

He initially found networking very daunting, and was surprised once he started to talking to people and asking questions how supportive people were and that networking actually works. One year on, he is launching Liverpool PPN with Alison.

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