Introducing : Amy Felicity Varle

Amy Felicity Varle

I'm Amy, proud Mancunian Mama to two incredible humans, passionate Social Entrepreneur and Chief Magic Maker at 

I've 'worked' in the field of homelessness and housing for my entire 20 year career, though I wouldn't consider what I do a job - It's my purpose and soul mission Having experienced the trauma of homelessness as a teenager, I have dedicated the entirety of my working life to serving those who have no home 

My 20-year career has been the making of many dreams and as you can see, I get to wear a variety of hats each day as I go about my work (I do love an excuse to dress up) 

The 7 or 8 years I spent working for my local council during my 20's was probably the most depressing part of my career, however, I had no idea just how far the knowledge and experience I gained would eventually end up taking me 

My 'USP' for a very long time was my deep understanding of the complex needs, systems and processes surrounding accommodation provision for vulnerable people, matched with my chameleon ability to suit each of the sectors and services I encountered along the way. 

I often say I'm uniquely privileged to be exposed to '50 Shades of Homelessness’.

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