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Introducing: Alison Mcintyre

Alison is a successful Project Manager, having managed several multi-million pound projects within the public sector. Although relatively new into property, she has always had a passion and a desire to invest in property, but never had a strong enough ‘why’ until her family came along and realised that property would give her the passive income required to spend more time with her young children.

Alison loves people, is an avid networker and great at connecting people. She is warm, gregarious, and calls herself ‘nosey’ as she is genuinely interested in people. She is very willing to share knowledge and help people on their journey. She always has a story to tell, having travelled extensively visiting 46 countries.

Throughout her life she has always liked to be kept busy, alongside her job, she served with the Royal Corps of Signals TA for 17 years as a radio technician, and later a systems technician and met her husband whilst on tour in Bosnia.

Her knowledge of the Liverpool area has been extensive from a young age, having travelled to the opposite end of the city to go to school, and throughout her adult life worked on numerous community-based projects which has given her a greater understanding and knowledge of each part of the city. Her husband calls her a ‘black cab driver’ as she knows the names of streets so well, and is always abreast of new developments and changes within the city.

Alison met her co-host Andrew on the first morning of her very first Progressive event, MSOPI (Multiple Streams of Property Income) in London. They were in regular contact and soon became JV partners. They believe that with Andrew’s years of experience in property investing and financial background, together with Alison’s knowledge of new property strategies, networking skills and extensive knowledge of the local market that together they can offer PPN Liverpool guests fantastic value at this event.

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