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Introducing : Alaa Elrayeh

Alaa Elrayeh

Alaa Elrayeh is a Sudanese woman. She was born and raised in Abu Dhabi in the Emirates. She moved to the UK 5 years ago and now she lives in Leeds. 

She has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and did her master’s in cyber security in Lancaster University. 

Currently she works as a Senior IT Engineer at BT. She is also a mother of three young boys. 

Multitasking and managing different projects are what she likes to do and is good at.

She has always enjoyed helping people to create a different living experience for them. By doing this she has decided to start educating herself about properties by joining progressive September 2019 which allowed her to start her own property business, Kandaka Properties, in April 2020.

Why did she get into property and why is she extremely excited about it? 

She wants to make her father proud. It was his wish to never give up on what she loves to do and keep going. 

She likes to help people. She believes with property she can get the opportunity to impact people’s lives and can create a different living experience for them, either in the UK or anywhere else. 

She loves homes and admires anything related to homes. Design and architecture always attracted her and got her attention. Through property she felt she was living her dream. 

Alaa will be talking and focusing on how she began her R2R journey using R2HMO / R2SA and what challenges she had, how she managed her time with the full time job and being a full time mum, what mistakes she made and finally some useful tips to share.

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