Introducing : Abbie Baylis

Introducing Abbie, a driven and multifaceted individual who has harnessed her
passion for property and personal development to carve an impressive path of
success. Abbie's journey showcases her tenacity and unwavering commitment to
building a life that aligns with her aspirations.Starting her professional career at WDH, Abbie excelled in tenant qualification and relocation, demonstrating her adeptness at understanding people's needs and finding suitable housing solutions. However, Abbie had her sights set on creating her own perfect home, and she took the leap by purchasing her first residential property.

Embracing her entrepreneurial spirit, Abbie transitioned into a full-time personal
trainer (PT), a career that allowed her the flexibility to pursue her personal and
professional goals. It was during this time that she crossed paths with Josh, and
together, they embarked on a shared mission of transforming their house into a
space that reflected their unique vision.

Motivated by Josh's passion for property and inspired by their joint efforts, Abbie
found herself drawn to the world of real estate. Eager to explore this new realm, she
joined forces with Josh and sought opportunities at Progressive, an esteemed real
estate company. It was through this collaboration that Abbie realized her own
passion for the property industry, fuelling her desire to excel further.

With a keen eye for potential, Abbie discovered a lovely little house that captured her
imagination. Recognizing its value and investment potential, she made the decision
to move into this new property, while also securing a tenant buyer for her current
one. This astute move allowed her to continue growing her property portfolio while
making strategic financial gains.

Now a full-time PT, Abbie envisions expanding her property business and devoting
more time to its development. Her dedication to both her clients' well-being and her
property ventures has created a delicate balance that fuels her ambitions. Abbie
aspires to scale down her PT hours, freeing up more time to focus on the growth and
success of her property endeavours.

Abbie's story is a testament to the power of determination, adaptability, and pursuing
one's passions. With a solid foundation in tenant qualification and relocation, coupled
with her unwavering commitment to personal growth, Abbie continues to make her
mark in the property industry. Her unwavering drive and entrepreneurial spirit propel
her towards even greater accomplishments as she embraces the exciting
possibilities that lie ahead.

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