Introducing : Abbie Baylis & Josh Wraith

Meet Josh : 

-5 years ago was in a warehouse on minimum wage 

-saved for first renovation property 

- once bought I realised how much I loved it. 

- Saved again and got my plumbing qualifications 

- Went on to create my own bathroom and kitchen fitting company 

- Sold the first renovation property 2 years ago for a substantial profit 

- Moved in with Abbie and renovated her property. 

- Found progressive and now has multiple deals as well as a tenant buyer for Abbies property.

 - built up a network of investors looking to work with us on more deals. 

Meet Abbie : 

- Worked for WDH in tenant qualification and relocation. 

- bought first residential property to create own perfect home 

- Became a full time PT away from WDH 

- Met Josh and completed the house to my own image. 

- Went down to progressive to support Josh and also got hooked on property. 

- Found a new lovely little house to move into and secured a tenant buyer for the current one. 

- looking to cut down my hours as a now full time PT in order to grow the property business more.

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