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Introducing: Scott Williams

Scott Williams

In 2015 at the age of 18 Scott started his property journey as an apprentice working for £3.30 an hour for a local property developer. Fast forward to today he has a respectable portfolio of 6 properties including HMO's and BTL's as well as ipping 2 properties during 2020. Scott is also a shareholder and director of multiple businesses focused around the property and finance industries. This includes Amplo Investments, Amplo Leasing, Amplo Commercial Finance and Amplo Lettings. 

Scott set up his Finance businesses to help investors raise funds through commercial finance. Understanding the need of investors he offers impartial insight to raising nance both privately and commercially. 

In this presentation Scott will be sharing property nance options, structures and securities when it comes to raising nance both commercially and privately. Scott will cover the basics of asset finance, commercial property finance and raising private finance. 

Scott will also be sharing his tips on how and where you can find investors, as well as different structures that can be used in order to secure private funds.

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