Introducing: Rick Gannon

Rick started investing in property in 1997 initially as an accidental landlord and then started to add more buy to let properties. Rick was also a police officer managing a few properties part time. Then Rick invested in commercial property and then found he was making more money out of property than anything else.

In 2008 a life changing moment affected his views on what he should be doing with his time and how the police officers’ job was affecting his family life. 6 Years ago Rick started investing in HMO’s and replaced his income in 6 months.

Using various strategies to cashflow multi-lets or HMO’s Rick used strategies such as rent to rent, lease purchase options, JV’s and straight forward purchasing. Rick rapidly replaced his income and more. Then Rick started investing in holiday lets, title splits, blocks of flats and other strategies. Rick has accrued a Multi Million Pound Property Portfolio with over 140 tenants and would like to help you do the same!

Having grown the portfolio, Rick rapidly realised his was in danger of creating another job, and sought to avoid this at all costs. Rick has since systemised and automated his business with systems to become a passive (as possible) landlord. No agents, no agents’ fees, just pure systems and optimisation at the core of his business.

Rick will share the fundamentals of his systems that means he collects 99.99 % of his rents on day one of every month. Over the last few years Rick has developed property systems and the time saving system ‘Go Tenant!’ for Landlords. Helping Landlords become more compliant and find time freedom.

Rick is a publicly recognised speaker on HMO’s and hosts the Facebook group ‘The HMO and Property Community Group’ of over 15,000 property investors and landlords, the group was recently a finalist for the best Facebook group for Property Investors Awards. Rick is also a mentor. He is an author of ‘House Arrest’ and ’45 Ways to Find Property’.

Rick contributes to HMO Magazine and Your Property Network (YPN) Magazine every month. Rick was featured in the Daily Mail ‘How to make millions’ guide. Also featured in the independent and other publications.

Risk will be speaking about his real-life experience and will share his tips and tricks to help you find more property, to fund more creative deals, find more money/ investors, all whilst systemising your business. Rick will show you how you can systemise and automate your property business to make more money and help you find your own time and financial freedom.

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