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Introducing: Motiul Islam

Motiul Islam

I started My property journey at the age of 19 when I was still at university in London studying BA Economics and BSC in Business Information Technology. Before this, I was always thinking outside the box and investing in other areas. I then turned to property whilst my peers were in lectures, I was stepping out of the lecture theatre to negotiate deals. I learnt some crucial lessons early on when I was ‘gazumped’ in each of my rst 3 property deals. However, I did not let this stop me and by the age of 23, I had bought my first property investment. I continued to buy subsequent properties one after another, employing no money down strategies before they were even taught and adding value to properties through a combination of extending, developing and carrying out title splits.

After achieving my nancial and property goals within a year of setting them, well ahead of the short timeframe I had set myself, I was able to retire from property altogether. However, being young and having a big interest in the property held, I returned to property for two reasons. Firstly, I have a passion for property, ‘nding deals, doing deals and structuring deals’. Secondly, I have a vision to help others get started on the property ladder. With my extensive experience and expertise it can also benefit those who have already started and are established in the property arena.

My areas of expertise are primarily HMOs and structuring deals but I also have years of experience in rent to rent, title splits, no money down, refurbishments and developments, with current ongoing refurbishments and developments in commercial properties as well as joint ventures and mentoring peers in various strategies. 

In this presentation, I will run through my latest project where I have bought a block of flats held on a single Freehold Title. I have taken this block and split the Titles by creating 4 new Leases. 

I will be covering: 

- Which properties are suitable for Title Splitting 

- When to do the Title Split 

- How to do the Title Split 

- What to look out for 

- How to add value by Title Splitting

- How to add value by identifying opportunities and making changes    

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