Introducing: Mike Bristow 

Mike Bristow, CEO and Co-Founder of CrowdProperty will be talking about the dawn of technology-enabled ‘alternative’ finance, which the UK leads the world in and is not so ‘alternative’ any more. ‘Fintech’ is breaking new boundaries and making financial services far more efficient and therefore more rewarding for customers.

During Mike’s presentation you will learn:

· What Alternative Finance is and why it’s the future of finance

· Why it benefits everyone (except the banks)

· How CrowdProperty is harnessing technology to disrupt the property finance sector

· How CrowdProperty can help you grow your property business faster

CrowdProperty is becoming the number one place for SME property professionals to quickly and easily raise finance for property projects. Offering bridging, refurbishment, development, auction and bespoke situations funding, CrowdProperty is funding projects in minutes (and sometimes seconds) on their platform from over 7,000 lenders, funding almost £100m of property and 600 Great British Homes to date and has recently secured over £100m of institutional capital to rapidly scale its property project lending. Applying complex technology and deep property expertise, CrowdProperty more efficiently matches the supply and demand of capital, meaning a better deal for both borrowers and lenders alike.

CrowdProperty is different because:

· We are property people providing property finance and understand your need for speed, ease and certainty.

You speak directly to our expert decision makers

· We’ll give initial decisions in 24 hours

· There are no hidden fees (there are often so many), complexity nor profit share

· There are no last-minute changes

· We can fund up to 100% Loan to Cost (project dependent), lending from £100k to £5m+

· Drawdowns are fast and easy and interest is rolled up to the end

· We work in direct partnership with you – we all want your project to be a success

As CEO and Co-Founder of CrowdProperty, Mike is responsible for CrowdProperty’s overall strategy and development. He brings a wealth of business building, private equity and strategy consulting expertise in addition to considerable property investment, alternative finance and technology experience. He has 20 years’ strategic advisory experience across a wide range of leading international companies and private equity funds and has particular expertise in consumer, B2B2C, digital and real estate sectors, which makes him the perfect choice to lead CrowdProperty in fulfilling its huge growth potential.

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