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Introducing: Michael Primrose 

I am Michael Primrose, the Owner of The Property Finance Guy and the Property Finance Academy.

I am a Commercial Finance Broker specialising in Development Finance, Bridging loans and Commercial Mortgages (HMOs/SA/Portfolios, Semi-commercial and Commercial Property and LTD co BTLs)

With a passion for creative finance and the ability to structure deals for Finance, I love helping first time Developers and Investors to get deals packaged for the finance needed to push Property Careers forward.

I have raised over £30 million for Developers and Investors, with £10 million of this coming in the last 3 months! I also have a Pipeline of £20 million being delivered in the next 3 months. So by the end of May I will have helped Developers and Investors raise in excess of £50 million on my own!

I first got into property at the age of 18 when I got into Conveyancing straight out of school. I then went into Estate Agency, back into Conveyancing and I then got into brokering at the age of 22. I decided a year and a half later that I wanted to work for myself and try and shake up the market place! At the age of 24 I set up The Property Finance Guy and became the youngest owner of a Commercial Finance Brokerage in the Country, and alongside this I now also have a successful Training Company, educating Investor and Developers on how to raise finance, and a successful Podcast.
I am a keen public speaker and have delivered training and speeches to over 1000 investors and developers in the last 2 years.

My wife and I have purchase 2 flips recently which are currently undergoing renovation, and I have purchased 3 HMOs with a JV Partner which span over 16 rented bedrooms.

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