Introducing: Kate Ashley-Norman

Kate Ashley-Norman is the host of The Mental Health Revolution podcast, a Thrive Programme consultant, and a passionate speaker and trainer about our emotional wellbeing. She is seeking to change the nature and tone of the conversation around mental health in the workplace and at home.

Stripping away the myths that surround our mental health, Kate demonstrates how predictable our emotions and mental health really are.

This knowledge will help you to not only better understand your mental health, it will help you both improve it, and supercharge it during those more challenging times when emotional wellbeing can be compromised. Fear, procrastination, overwhelm, powerlessness, self worth – empire building is a hugely challenging process in its own right.

Enlightening, easy to understand, evidence based, and hugely practical and applicable, this revolutionary approach to mental health is putting the power back into the hands of the individual.

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