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Introducing: Jamie Madill  

Jamie is the Co-Founder of The HMO Company, and together with the other directors of the business, has over 50 years property experience and manage almost 500 tenants.

The biggest problems that Jamie hears from people as a HMO owner or manager are:

  1. How to increase my monthly income?
  2. Retain my best Customers, &
  3. Save time managing the properties

Many people are interested in Houses in Multiple Occupation (H.M.O.) as they can be a lot more profitable than single-let properties.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the property market, following the last budget and Brexit, so Jamie will be sharing his experiences and you will discover how to use HMOs to build strong cash flow (and a war chest) to set you up financially, for life.

Whether you own HMOs, manage them via Rent2Rent or Serviced Accommodation, or are just interested to discover how to get started, Jamie will show you…

  • How to build your HMO Empire
  • The systems you need to time leverage your business
  • The importance of designing your way to bigger profits
  • The tried and tested methods to filling your HMO properties
  • How to get started even with little money

He’s cramming lots of valuable content into his talk so book your ticket now.

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