Introducing : Jagoda Duda

Jagoda Duda

Jagoda Duda is an Interior Designer and CGI Expert who has been involved in hundreds of national and international projects with a GDV ranging from £250k to £650mln over the last five years. 

One of her companies, 3D Avenue LTD, delivered over 3000 images, 250 animations and 20+ interactive and VR tours to help property investors and developers advertise and sell off-plan. 

Currently focusing on helping investors maximise value-added and ROCE on each deal by optimising the internal space, delivery process, and marketing of their projects and building her property portfolio. 

As a property investor, I know that I should not buy houses that I would like to live in. But I do my best to optimize the space and design the functionality with the end-user in mind. After all, property is my product, and tenants are my customers. 

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