Introducing: Jackie Tomes

How to build a £Multi-Million Property Business that REALLY gives you FREEDOM & TIME using PROPERTY Strategy.

What is your Property Strategy? And are you sure it’s going to give you the Freedom, Time & Money that you wanted when you started in property?

Let’s make sure that it will!

Jackie Tomes will share her approach to PropertyStrategy and how it will ensure you are successfully & sustainably scaling your property business.

You’ll discover the key areas required for a great Property Strategy and how you can get a BUSINESS PLAN that works for you.

This session is about making sure your property business ends up giving you the life that you wanted when you started, because otherwise, what’s the point?!

Jackie Tomes: The Property Strategist

On a Ski Holiday in 2013, Jackie decided she wanted to have more freedom and time than she could have in her job as a Qualitative Market Researcher… so that she could go lots of holidays and adventures with her husband Dave! That lead to the creation of Tomes Homes, which has since then built a £Multi-Million property portfolio of single lets in the outskirts of South-East London & Kent. When she’s not building the portfolio she’s using her advising property businesses worth £Tens of Millions on their property business strategy. And all of that whilst still going on holiday EVERY 6 weeks. That’s why Jackie Tomes is known as The Property Strategist.

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