Introducing: Hayley Meakes


  • Marketing is taking the right product or service to the right people with the right message through the right channel at the right time.
  • Knowing who you are talking to, the pinch points and what you can do for them is key.
  • You need to know your customer and what you can do for them.
  • Understanding your audience is critical to your success.
  • This is a perfect time to build your brand and provide great content across your social media platforms.
  • There is no one like you so it’s vital to recognise the value you can bring and how you can serve your audience.
  • For many of us, our brands are about us but actually it should be about your customers, imagine being your customer and step into their shoes.
  • Everything people see and hear about you should be consistent. It’s vital to be consistent both when you are being watched and when you are not. Brand is an intrinsic part of your business.
  • Success is about being true to who you are and building your drive.
  • As a smaller brand, you can pivot and adapt more easily than a larger brand.
  • If you are focused on a niche and building a particular following you can quickly achieve and extend reach.
  • The principles of marketing remain the same across any sector it’s about understanding your customer and what they

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