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Milton Keynes

PPN MK is a monthly networking event for all property investors whatever your strategy, whether you are a seasoned investor looking at flips or large-scale developments or a new investor finding your feet there will be something of value for you. The host and expert speakers will cover a range of ideas from rent to rent to running multiple development sites concurrently. Not only will you get to meet new like-minded individuals in the audience the speakers will be on hand to answer any questions you may have that can help you advance your goals.

Sometimes it can be a lonely place if you are going at it solo and coming to events like this allows you to share your ideas and knowledge but often great partnerships can be formed especially if you meet people with opposing skill sets. In an open and sharing environment, everyone encourages each other to find better ways to work or grow via your own chosen strategy, as they say, you don’t know what you don’t know and one piece of information can completely change the way you see or approach things. They say your network is your net worth so by becoming part of the community we can all grow together to succeed.

So, if you want to be hands-on, hands-off, just starting or have been in the game for years come along to our friendly event where you will find a no-nonsense environment with people happy to share and help and above all to be inspired!

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Our Next Event : 7th December,  2023
Timing : Arrive 6.30 PM for a 7 PM Start
The Venue :

MK Gallery 900 Midsummer, Blvd Milton Keynes. MK9 3QA

Email : 
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Meet Your Event Host

Neil Briggs

Introducing Neil Briggs 

If you have been in the property scene in Milton Keynes before you probably would recognise Neil Briggs, he started in the industry in 2001 as a Mortgage Advisor and has since then gone on to establish several businesses and a multimillion-pound property portfolio.

Your Event Speakers

Wendy Brumwell

Property developer, coach and mentor who loves transforming unloved buildings and land into homes for people to enjoy. My focus is commercial conversions, planning gain, and self-build developments. As a property coach, mentor and trainer, I’m passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom through property.

• Co-founder of Solution Property since 2013, owning a multi-million pound property portfolio.

• Property consultancy helping people achieve their property investing goals.

• Certified coach and mentor with property investing knowledge…I know the right questions to ask and the right mindset to get results.

• Coach, mentor and trainer for Progressive Property Commercial Conversions.

• The self-build journey! We live in our own self-built dream home, a vision that has become a reality through property investing. We are now helping others realise their dream!

• Something a bit different… I’m a professional figure skating coach, so when I’m not buying buildings, I’m spinning around on the ice! My motivational speaking focuses on the mindset from professional sport to inspire people to get success. I am also a published author of “A Successful State Of Mind” which is all about applying a sportsperson mindset for business excellence!

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