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Hello and Welcome! We are Traci Cornelius and Mark Ford and we’re delighted to be your hosts of the Progressive Property Network in Exeter. The Exeter PPN is a monthly networking event designed to bring people with a passion, interest or connection in property together.  Whether you’re a seasoned property investor, entrepreneur, accidental landlord or just starting your property journey, networking is an invaluable resource that can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

What is the event about and who is it for?

This event is for everyone! From the inquisitive property beginner seeking education and advice – to the experienced investor, for those looking to get their first property – to those with a large property portfolio looking to connect with like-minded people and anyone in between. We educate, support and celebrate.

If you’re not looking to develop a property career but your business is connected with property you will find a room full of opportunity and potential clients. We welcome anyone to the room with an open, positive mindset and a willingness to contribute.

“Everything we do is aimed at creating a friendly environment where anyone who is interested in property can meet each month to share successes, get support and feel energised for the month ahead in mind, body and business”.

What will you get out of attending this event?

Have you heard the saying ‘your network is your net-worth?’ Spending time with like-minded, positive and successful people increases your drive and can motivate you when you need it most. The positive impacts of networking in business are widely known and go further than just generating referrals and increasing your connections. 

“Every month Exeter PPN brings you various speakers with specialist knowledge in property and business success.” 

Our guest speakers are experienced and inspiring. You’ll get the opportunity to ask questions, meet them, as well as other industry experts in the room, giving you insights that will enable you to avoid costly mistakes along your property journey. 

It’s your opportunity to meet with fascinating people, share experiences and build genuine working relationships and friendships in a relaxed and inclusive environment.

How we can help you.

Being a part of a supportive, inclusive community offers instant access to a wealth of knowledge, experience and opportunities that can propel your property journey forward, boost your confidence and find solutions to your property challenges.

Our community shares information in order to massively increase the potential of its members and help them reach their goals.  Our members encourage, support and inspire each other meaning that being in property need not be lonely or full of difficult decisions. As they say, the smartest way to learn is through others mistakes and the next best way is to network, build relationships and share information.

Whether you’re starting out or already retired, whether you’re an active hands-on investor or a passive investor looking for new talent, whether you’re thinking of starting a new business or strategy, or growing an existing operation, come along to our friendly event and enjoy an evening of inspiration, information and informal networking.

Our members work across all property strategies with varying experience and expertise so you will be in great company and get the information and inspiration you need.

“It’s not what you don’t know that holds you back it’s who you don’t know“

We really look forward to welcoming you to the event.

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Timing : Arrive 6.30 PM for a 7 PM Start
The Venue:

Sandy Park Way, Exeter EX2 7NN


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Meet Your Event Host

Traci Cornelius

Hello! Thank you for wanting to get to know a little bit more about me. I’m Traci Cornelius a Business Mentor, Mindset coach, speaker, podcaster of the ‘Women Rockin Business’ Podcast and Mum to five girls aged 22, 7, 6, 5 and 3. 

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in running, growing and scaling businesses.

Mark Ford

Hi, I’m Mark Ford, I started out as a carpenter and worked for a damp proofing company which is where my interest in property started. 

Your Event Speakers

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