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Brentwood PPN is an exciting monthly networking event for Essex! Whether you are a seasoned property investor, entrepreneur, accidental landlord or just starting out on your property journey, networking is an invaluable resource that can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience. It’s an opportunity to meet fascinating people, share experiences and build genuine working relationships and friendships in a relaxed and inclusive environment

The positive impacts of networking in business are widely known and go further than generating referrals and increasing your connections. Heard of the saying ‘your network is your net-worth?’ Spending time with like-minded, positive and successful people increases your drive and can motivate when you need it most. Networking can help to build confidence as it pushes you to speak to the others, it provides a space where business owners can share their knowledge and become known as experts in their field, gaining satisfaction from helping others as well as gaining opportunities for new JV partnerships, deals and investments.

Every month Brentwood PPN will have different speakers with specialist knowledge in property and succeeding in business. You will have the opportunity to meet them and other industry experts in the room, giving you insights that will enable you to avoid some costly mistakes in your journey. It’s not all just about learning though, we are creating a community where you can get connected and access the group at any time so you don’t feel like you are doing it all on your own.

Come and join our event and be a part of an inspirational group of people helping you to reach your goals and achieve results – we look forward to seeing you there!

Our Next Event : 24th July, 2024
Timing : 4th Wednesday of each month - 18:30 until 21:30 
The Venue :
Essex Arms (Function area, left hand door) - 10 Warley Hill, Warley, Brentwood, CM14 5HA
Email :

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Meet Your Event Host

Marc Champ

Marc is the founder of Wharf Financial, providing impressive results for property investors and developers.

As a member of the advisory board for the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) he champions high standards in property finance and aims to go above and beyond in his service delivery.

Not only has Marc built his own portfolio he has spent 15 years in the banking industry with R.B.S., Lloyds Bank and Shawbrook.

Marc’s spare time is spent with his young family. He is also a keen distance cyclist, golfer and fundraiser for Demelza Hospice Care for Children.

Alex Sapala

Alex lives in Essex with his family.

He is a property investor and developer, specialising in NMLI (No Money Left-In) strategies including HMOs, semi-commercial and commercial conversions and BTLs).

Alex is passionate about mindset, knowledge sharing and financial empowerment.
As an award-winning chartered accountant and author of The No.1 Amazon bestseller, The Business Path to Wealth Creation, he shares business and financial information as well as capturing people’s inspirational stories through his ‘Business, Wealth and Mindset’ podcast.

He’s an accomplished investment banker with experience from some of the world’s renowned financial institutions, including The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Deloitte and JP Morgan.

Alex is also a mentor, coach, and trainer.

Sharon Griffiths

Sharon has lived and worked in Essex since 1985.

She is a mum of two daughters and started to learn how to invest in property in 2017.

Since 2017, Sharon has attended a range of training programmes with Progressive and built up a buy-to-let portfolio with her husband which, along with her pension, has enabled her to fund her chosen lifestyle.

Sharon is also a published author, trained life coach and experienced educational professional, having worked in the educational sector for over 30 years in a range of roles, including teaching, training and management.

Your Event Speakers

Ricky Locke's Keynote Speech

" Magical Resilience : Taking Responsibility in Times of Challenge "

In this fun, humorous and engaging keynote, Ricky shares practical strategies and tools for building resilience in the face of change and challenges.

Drawing on his expertise as a professional magician, confidence coach, personal experience, and research on positive psychology, NLP and resilience, Ricky will help your audience understand the importance of taking responsibility for your mental health and well-being in both their personal and professional lives to UNLOCK the best version of themselves and live an extraordinary life.

Benefits :

Gain insights on how to control your response to life's events and opportunities -Enhance well-being by re-writing your self-limiting beliefs and achieving your goals -

Learn practical tips for building resilience and coping with change and adversity -Walk away with actionable steps to create a more positive, resilient mindset and approach to life Features:

Engaging presentation with fun relatable stories, case examples, and research-based insights

-Interactive elements with magical entertainment to keep the audience engaged and involved in the discussion -*Optional Q&A session for participants to ask questions and get personalized advice

Blandine Pais

- Over 25 years of property experience - Property Investor in France & the UK -
Portfolio Landlady in France & the UK - Property management

- Multiple awards winner - Public speaker - Single Mum

Created and generated a multi-million pound business -

Gymnastics & dancing enthusiast In the mist of Covid Blandine and her JV partner, Jason, started by providing accommodation to the NHS nurses.

Applying the Rent-to-Rent strategy by managing someone's else property. Helping landlords to be hands free and providing a home away from home. Adapting to the ever changing market needs, the company evolved into Serviced Accommodation through extended relocation programs. By using this strategy without owning any properties, their company generated £500k in 14 months of operating. They hit the £1 million in 22 months and a staggering £2 million in 27 months. They smashed their £3 million in 3 years

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