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Introducing: Emerald Fisk

Emerald Fisk

Portfolio Landlord, Mortgage Advisor and all-round good egg. 

Emerald specialises in the buy, refurbish and refinance strategy and has built a portfolio using a mixture of investor finance and bridging. That’s well over £1.5 million raised in 4 short years (that’s also over £150k paid in interest!).  In Emerald’s early days she was a shiny penny chaser and has tried every awesome property strategy there is. Alongside building her portfolio Emerald has found her passion within financial services, and she absolutely loves working day to day as a Mortgage Advisor; specialising in working with clients who are building their property portfolios. 

You NEED money to do property(even if it’s someone else’s money) so if you want to expand your property portfolio come and listen to Emerald’s talk on Financing your portfolio.

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