Introducing: Darren Williams

Darren will be talking about using the Buy Refurbish Refinance, BRR module to build a property portfolio.

Darren Williams lives in West Cumbria and to many growing up on a council estate with very little money could be a disadvantage. But for Darren it taught him the value of money and that property was the only safe place to invest it.

As a child Darren was constantly looking for ways to raise money, from selling sweets and Pokémon cards at school and taking on chores that would bring in the pennies. By the time he was 16 he’d raise enough money to put a deposit on his first house.

In 2017 Darren had 4 BTL properties before joining Progressive Property VIP in the July. His goal was to double his portfolio in 12 months, however, he accomplished it in just 4 months and by 29 years old Darren had a portfolio worth £1million.

Today, in his early thirties, Darren is a mentor for the Progressive Property VIP and the SA Mastermind and has a portfolio worth over £1.6million.

Darren runs Elite Property Solutions Cumbria Ltd helping people source and renovate property.

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