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Introducing: Dan Eaton

Left the Royal Navy in 2010 following the birth of my second child to spend more time with the family, I was being deployed more and more often and for longer periods – we moved my son’s first and second birthdays so I could be there for example.  I then went into the corporate world working as a project manager – that found me spending more time physically with my family but generally less quality time.  My wife and I were earning very good money but are children where in child care from about 0800 in the morning until 1900 at night, hardly what you would call a good work life balance.  Then one morning my wife was crying in the bathroom about going to work – she was in a senior position in the local NHS trust and as a result only ever experienced the ‘bad side’ of the job, the budget cuts, the bed and staff shortages and the deaths.  That moment was pivotal, I told her to resign – the income wasn’t worth it.  She did so that very morning and as a result we had to tighten our belts dramatically, our income halved overnight.   A year or so later a good friend of mine reached out and asked if I was interested in attending a property event.  He knew I always wanted to get into property and he had been having some fantastic success in property himself.  I agreed and attended a Multiple Streams of Property Income (MSOPI) event in Bristol on 22/23/24th of September 2017.  There I was awoken to the possibilities that lay before me.  I knew I had to change something, I had really enjoyed having the high incomes previously, of course we still lived beyond our means then, this property malarkey seemed to be a way to achieve that without all the time spent away from the family.  I jumped in with both feet and melted my credit card signing up for the Masterclass, Serviced Accommodation Intensive, Commercial Conversions and VIP.

Since then, I have set up a Serviced Accommodation business that now has 30 units.  I have purchased and achieved planning on a shop to residential conversion to 5 apartments to use as Serviced Accommodation, I have another commercial conversion project we are just about to exchange contracts on and my business partners and I have a 6 house development nearing completion.  I have left full time employment and also help teach and mentor Serviced Accommodation with Progressive.

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