Introducing: Alex Szepietowski

 Alex Szepietowski - ' HMOs - How To Turbocharge Your Profits ' 

Starting without any knowledge or capital, Alex Szepietowski started his property business whilst at University. He invested in his property education using his student loans, grants, and credit cards - and went on to purchase 30 properties within the first few years.

Alex’s TEDx Talk, titled ‘Design Your Dream Life Through Passive Income’, has been watched over 3 million times and was named in a poll of the 5 best TEDx talks on personal finance – above Bill Gates and Robert Kiyosaki. He has also won a number of recognized awards including Progressive Property’s ‘Investor of the Year’, The IODs (The Institute of Directors) ‘Director of the Year’, & The Property Investors Awards ‘Deal of the Year.’ 

Alex was very active on the property circuit from 2012 – 2019, but has spent the last few years living and learning with different spiritual teachers, and indigenous peoples all over the world. As well as sharing some of his inward journey, Alex will be revealing why, after having successfully done deals using 9 other property strategies, his favourite is HMOs (buying a house, refurbishing it, and renting it out room by room) – and not just because of the massive monthly cash flow, equity gains + capital growth. The strategy is incredibly powerful for newbies and more experienced investors, and Alex will be revealing the 4 step process he honed over the years, as well as sharing : 

· How, no matter who you are - YOU can generate a net £3,000 + pcm in the next 12 months (+ huge equity gains!) 

·  Why OWNING your properties is so important 

·  Why starting capital or experience are unnecessary

 · How to find money for deals

 · Why the common myths surrounding the strategy aren’t true 

·  Why now is great time to be investing 

·  That ANYONE can achieve their financial goals using this process

Crammed with content and massive value, and with attendees saying things like : 

“I thought it was the finest talk I have heard in the last couple of years” and “Alex is one of the most passionate and energetic speakers I have listened to in this industry. He speaks from the heart and really wants to make a difference to others lives. Replicate what he says and you will succeed!” 

You aren’t going to want to miss out, so book your ticket now.

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